Some thoughts....

When we first had the idea for starting a company in my daughter’s honor, we struggled with “what” to sell or do! After researching and thinking and brainstorming and planning... we decided that it didn’t really matter “what” it was, as long as we had a meaning and a purpose!!
And above all else- we had HOPE. And hope is a funny thing. You have to have it. You can’t live without it. It is the air that our spirit needs to breathe. Hope gives us courage, strength, and the will to go on. The sky-blue wristlet was our original design. Brynn’s favorite color, and her favorite type of bag to carry. We created it and it was our first SALE on Black Friday. I think it’s only appropriate that we SOLD OUT on what should’ve been her last day of her Junior year of high school 💙
(And don’t worry... more are on the way!)
Keep shopping, keep sharing, keep loving....and keep HOPE alive through my daughters memory. 
Love,Brynn's mom