The Brynn Ashtyn Story

Thank you for visiting our site. We are Jill and Keith Eddleman. We are a blended family, with 5 children between us. Nate, Luke, Jamison, Brynn and Dain. Each of them unique and special and shining stars in our lives.

In the spring of 2017, the unimaginable happened. Our daughter, Brynn Ashtyn Aylor, died in a tragic car accident. She was only 16 years old.  Words cannot ever express the depth of our pain and loss. Brynn was the light and laughter of our family and each day we are without her, we are forever reminded that our lives and the lives of all that knew her will never shine as brightly.
We honor Brynn each day by telling stories and talking about her and all that she gave to us. We never want to forget her light and love and we wanted to find a way to both honor and remember her and help those who too have lost someone they love.

We are taking all that was wonderful and awe-inspiring about Brynn, and weaving it into something that will honor her legacy and life.

We wanted to do something that we know she would love and appreciate. We are starting this venture with a line of products that have been inspired by Brynn. She was carefree, artistic, loving, bright and full of laughter. Her favorite color was sky-blue.  Brynn was not your ‘average’ girl. She was the girl that others aspire to become.  Brynn Ashtyn was the daughter every mother would want to raise.  

Realizing that many of our customers will be mothers and daughters, we hope that you’ll allow this brand and our products to remind you of the special relationship and love that you share.  May it never be broken. 

The Mother Daughter Relationship

Our company wants to honor and value the relationship between mothers and daughters. We want to cherish and show the love through our products. I wasn't only Brynn's mom, I was her friend and she mine.

We hope that when you purchase one of our products, you'll also consider buying your mother or daughter a matching one. Join our email list and we will let you know about future gifting discounts and free gift with purchase offers.

The Symbol and Signature 

We've decided to use Brynn's own signature on all of our products. She had beautiful handwriting and loved doodling all over her notebooks. Now it will be forever remembered, and beautifully shown. 

You'll also notice a symbol on all of our products. This is the Swahili symbol for mother and daughter, bound together infinitely. I have this tattooed on my wrist. 

The Brynn Ashtyn Scholarship Fund

A portion of our proceeds goes directly into the Brynn Ashtyn Scholarship Fund.  Each year we help send a girl to college in honor of Brynn.  You may donate here if you like:

Please follow us on social media and tell your mom and/or your daughter first, that you love them and secondly to check out  

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