Why is Keith Writing a Blog?

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Hello, I am Keith Eddleman.  I am Jill's husband, of course, and that means I am Brynn's Step-Dad.  I have been feeling compelled to communicate to the world my thoughts and feelings about this journey that we are on.  I don't participate much on social media, so I decided I would carve out a little spot here on BrynnAshtyn.com and share my perspective on things.

You've probably already realized that this blog is more for my own good than it is for yours, but I think if you stick with me we can cover some ground together. 

I plan to write about the business mostly. Things like branding, marketing, design, photography, events and products. I'll be showing you the behind-the-scenes perspective of running Brynn Ashtyn the business. However, from time to time I will write about grief. You know Jill and I don't have days that grieving the loss of Brynn doesn't play a part.  

Don't get me wrong. It's not all bad, sad, doom and gloom. In fact, sometimes we are inspired by our grief. I know it sounds odd. Often when I think about Brynn I want to make her proud. I want to do good by her, honor her life. So I'll get up and do something positive. I'll take action. And that is a good thing.  

For me, this little handbag company is about just that. We can rise up and take action and we can do it for Brynn. We can spread that type of inspiration to others and Brynn can spur others on toward hope, strength and love. 

So there you have it. I'm starting a blog. Creatively titled, "Keith's Blog." I hope you will read it and comment.  Thank you. 

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